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'The Walking Dead': 'Old Yeller' moment shocks and moves fans

Carol killed Lizzie, providing "The Walking Dead" fans with an "Old Yeller" moment.
Frazier Harrison/Getty

The Walking Dead” has given its viewers many moments they will not soon forget. “The Grove” is an episode that offered several moments that will live on. In that latest episode, which aired on March 16, the “Old Yeller” moment may be an image that “The Walking Dead” fans will never forget - when Carol shot Lizzie.

Lizzie had become a danger to everyone. Both Carol and Tyreese agreed that should not be “around people.” Based on everything the young girl had done, very few could disagree. Carol knew that Lizzie had to be put down. She also knew that she had to be the one to do it.

Although no characters on “The Walking Dead” had seen it, Lizzie had tried to kill baby Judith. She put her hands over the baby's nose and mouth. Although her movements made it look like she was trying to keep Judith quiet, her eyes told a different story. Lizzie had a sick and content look in her eyes. It was obvious she knew that baby Judith couldn't breathe and Lizzie was enjoying that.

Viewers of “The Walking Dead” also saw the mutilated rabbits where Lizzie had sitting. This was when she, Mika, Tyreese and baby Judith was on the road. This happened just before Carol found them. No one saw her kill the rabbits, but the camera skillfully left it. That camera shot did show Lizzie holding a knife and moving it up and down in a stabbing motion.

During “The Grove,” Tyreese found a box of rats in Lizzie's room. He asked her about it and she admitted she had been the one who had been feeding the rats to the walkers while they were still living in the prison.

It is possible that all of those things could have been forgiven. However, when Lizzie stabbed her own sister, Mika, to death, she crossed a line that there was no undoing. She explained that she wanted to see her “turn” into a walker. She even tried to tell Carol and Tyreese that she was going to kill baby Judith, but Carol stopped her by saying that Judith couldn't walk.

There was nothing else that could be done with Lizzie. She had gone too far. Carol had no choice. She walked Lizzie away from the house they had found and, like “Old Yeller,” she shot the girl.

According to the latest episode of “The Talking Dead,” Twitter users were tweeting “OMG” and “Old Yeller” when Carol killed Lizzie. Fans of “The Walking Dead” were shocked and moved by what happened during “The Grove.”

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