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'The Walking Dead' news: 'Talking Dead' confirms if Judith is dead or alive

Chad Coleman
Chad Coleman
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

Tonight on a new episode of "The Walking Dead" things got a little bit crazy. Everyone wondered who would come out of it alive. After the shocking deaths of Lizzie and Mika, some fans were unsure if baby Judith survived the show. On March 16, "The Talking Dead" confirmed the fate of the baby.

They didn't show Judith at the end of the episode when Carol and Tyreese were walking away, but if you paid attention you could tell she was there. He was wearing a yellow pouch on his back. Paying attention to it you could tell that it was Judith and could see her head with a hood on it.

On "The Talking Dead," it was confirmed that yes that was Judith on his back. She is still alive and made it through another show. They will probably reunite her with her brother and dad at some point.

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