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'The Walking Dead' new poster hints at what's to come (video)

'Don't Look Back' suggests what's to happen on The Walking Dead

After the shocking events that occurred in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead – the brutal murder of fan favorite Hershel and the death of the Governor – fans are counting down the days until February 9, when the series returns to AMC. The prison is overrun with walkers and Rick and his group separated from each other, so where is the series headed? Well, the newly released poster that shows Rick and Carl Grimes walking down railroad tracks with the phrase “Don’t Look Back” gives a hint.

After the horrific battle that took place in the mid-season finale, the prison is no longer home to the group of survivors as they have all been scattered with no safe place left. It only makes sense that we can expect to check in on group members and see how they fare on their own.

And, from the hint of the poster, it looks like the focus will be on Carl Grimes, not Rick, as he and his dad leave the prison and their friends behind. Carl is coming of age and the poster suggests that he may take on a larger role since Rick seems to be in bad shape after the events at the prison.

Find out what happens to Rick, Carl and the group of zombie survivors when "The Walking Dead" returns February 9 at 9:00 p.m.

Check out the trailer to the left for quick glimpses of how group members cope.

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