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'The Walking Dead' Mid season premiere recap: Carl still needs his dad

In tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" it turns out that Carl isn't as strong as he thought he was.
In tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" it turns out that Carl isn't as strong as he thought he was.

On Feb. 9 shares a recap of tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead." While it is understandably so that Carl is angry with his father for not being able to help Judith, it appears that he isn't as tough as as he would like to think.

This episode was focused on the Grimes family as they tried to get to a safe place so that Rick could rest up after the prison attack. Carl is obviously angry with Rick for not letting him do his part in clearing the house, or neighborhood they found. He tries to remind his father on several occasions through the episode that he's helped him clear places out before, is skilled with a gun and knows what he's doing.

When Rick lays down on the couch to rest, Carl starts yelling at his father for all the things he feels are his fault and his overall lack of trust. Carl doesn't realize that his father isn't dead, and is fully expecting to have to shoot him when he finally wakes long after Carl tries to wake him. While Rick is reaching and grunting for Carl, he finds that he couldn't shoot his father if he had to. He's so overcome with grief at the loss of his sister that he actually begs his dad to just take him. That's when he discovers that his dad isn't dead, just in severe need of nutrition and water. It was a very touching realization, even if it came from an angry place.

The two Grimes work things out once Rick is functional again, and Carl even tells him that he found more food, cases of pudding. A lot of pudding. The episode ended happily considering none of the regular survivors that fans have grown to love were killed, and Michonne found her way to Rick and Carl.

What did you think of Carl's touching little breakdown?