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'The Walking Dead' mid-Season 4 premiere spoilers and info: Episode 9 'After'

'The Walking Dead' mid-Season 4 premiere spoilers and info: Episode 9 'After'
'The Walking Dead' mid-Season 4 premiere spoilers and info: Episode 9 'After'
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"The Walking Dead" mid-Season 4 premiere is only 10 days away. The back-half of Season 4 will kick off with episode 9, "After." In anticipation for the return of the walker apocalypse show, on Friday, January 31, News-a-Rama released five things fans should know about the premiere. Below are spoilers if you are not caught up to "The Walking Dead," or wish to not know anything about upcoming episodes.

The mid-Season 4 finale left our favorite group of survivors distraught and separated. According to the source, episode 9 "After" will pick up just seconds after the Fall finale. This is great news for many fans, as we all want to know and watch the survivors reactions to their separation and where they are all headed. We might be getting some answers as to what happened with Glenn - did he stay in the bus or find the strength to leave and got separated from anyone else, as we have seen in the sneak previews. Also, I hope we find out Judith's whereabouts. Fingers crossed that she is as safe and sound as possible, as many fans are hoping for her survival. The source writes, "that question (about a specific character) is answered before the opening credits." Not sure if they are referring to Glenn, Judith, Tara, Lily or someone else though.

Prepare for a silent and "powerful" opening. "That section before the opening credits is...powerful. In an episode full of major emotional punches in the stomach, probably the second biggest comes in the first three minutes," the source says. "There is no dialogue (only one living person around and all), but so much is said. It's a beautiful sequence, and will make fans of one or two characters probably get a little soggy in the eyes." Uh-oh, looks like we're in for a tear-jerker!

"There are basically three characters in this episode," News-a-Rama reveals. Those are of course Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Carl will be taking the lead and be the focus, with Rick falling back to a supporting role. This comes as no surprise with the condition we last saw Rick in.

Michonne will also be getting a lot of focus, with some of her past revealed. Fans will get a peek into Michonne's past in a flashback sequence. "This is emotional gut-punch number two," the source says. Lastly, Carl will have fans going through an emotional roller coaster as well. "In a stunning performance by Chandler Riggs, fans will see him at his most childlike and most adult all at once," the source says.

“The Walking Dead” Season 4 returns with Episode 9, "After," on Sunday, February 9. If you can't wait to find out what happens next, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to catch the latest spoilers on your newsfeed! Also make sure to follow @TheWalkingFans and @_WalkingDead_ for everything on "The Walking Dead."

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