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'The Walking Dead': Lots of changes for Carl in season 5

Is Carl Grimes really becoming a monster on "The Walking Dead?"
Is Carl Grimes really becoming a monster on "The Walking Dead?"
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

Carl Grimes has gone through a lot of changes since "The Walking Dead" first began airing on AMC. Viewers have seen him as a young, innocent boy to a bitter, angry tween and even saw some behavior that made fans think he was going to turn into a "mini-Governor" in season 3. So what can be expected from Carl in season 5 of "The Walking Dead?" On April 2, WetPaint reported on what to expect from the character when the show returns.

On the season 4 finale, Carl overheard his father tell Daryl that everything he did was for him. He laid there, listening to Rick's words and he had a dark, haunted, almost guilty look in his eyes. In a later scene, Carl and Michonne were walking through the woods outside Terminus and he talked about how his father was proud of him. A statement like that would make most kids happy, but Carl reacted differently. He thinks of himself as a monster and fans have to wonder if this was a hint of what is to come for his character.

Robert Kirkman spoke to TV Guide about Carl's future on "The Walking Dead" and said,

"Carl [is] in a pretty bad position locked in this train car at the mercy of other people, and that could lead to him being tested in other big ways. There's a lot of changes left for that kid to go through."

Showrunner Scott Gimple told the Hollywood Reporter that while Carl is worried about becoming a monster, that is a good thing. For those that have studied psychology, there would be reason to worry if Carl wasn't worried. This isn't to say that he is safe, but it does mean that he is aware of some scary changes in his personality. A true monster would be someone who didn't think there was anything wrong or who didn't care. Gimple explained,

“What's interesting and tragic — and this is something we were going for from the start of the season — is that he would wind up with a very mature self-awareness. He's worried about being a monster, but the fact that he's worried about that is actually wonderful for this kid. At the end of Season 3, he wasn't worried about being a monster. He was almost proud of the rough things he's done. He said, ‘I did what I had to do,’ in the season finale. In this, he's straight-up worried about the things he's done. He's worried about what his father believes him to be. It's a subtle thing, but the fact that he's worried about his demons to me says he's conquered them, that he is a human being with a conscience.”

What kind of person do you think Carl will be in "The Walking Dead" season 5?

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