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‘The Walking Dead’ looking to cast new actor for role

'The Walking Dead'
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With filming for the fifth season of “The Walking Dead” beginning on May 5, casting rumors have begun to surface. On Monday, The Spoiling Dead Fans page shared the news that production is looking to cast a new actor for the series. Below are all the details known for this role, along with spoilers if you are not caught up to “The Walking Dead.”

According to, production is seeking an 18-year-old male who can play the role of someone around the age of 17. The role is of a single-leg amputee of any ethnicity. Auditions are being held in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. No information on if this character will play a minor role or not is known.

The source also adds that the name of the character will be Burton, and although he is young (under 18 years), he has suffered a great tragedy when he lost his leg. Burton is also described as strong and determined, not allowing his disability from keeping him down.

“His positivity is infectious to everyone else around him,” the source says. We wonder how Burton lost his leg, Hershel style, maybe? This character also sounds like he is around Beth’s age, will there be a connection with both? We know one thing for sure; he’ll be a nice guy. At least that’s what we gather from his character description, unless he’s a really positive bad guy.

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 will return to AMC sometime in October. It was previously announced that there will not be a time jump and audiences will pick up almost right where Season 4 left off. Can’t wait to see how the survivors get out of that seemingly impossible situation. Where will Carol/Tyreese fall into all of this? And where the heck is Beth?

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