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The Walking Dead: Long Term American Unemployment

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Easter Sunday has come an gone. And though we are currently celebrating our faith within the Easter season, celebrating the life restoring power of God, in Jesus Christ, there are many of us who are left for dead. For there are many of us who remain alive in Christ, but dead to the world--and I'm not talking about personal holiness.

For we are the Walking Dead, the Long Term Unemployed American.

Reality for the Walking Dead in America is a tripartite vicious circle of vigilant prayer, empty platitudes, and painful rejection. Personally speaking, and speaking for many others who are in the solidarity of this particularly rampant suffering, our prayers have not ceased, and our hope in Christ is not extinguished. Yet, painfully coinciding with this prayerful suffering are the platitudes of comfortable neighbors, and parishioners, who offer platitudes such as: 'keep on striving,' and 'I'll be praying for you,' while increasingly distancing themselves from the social pariah of the resourceless American person. But the greatest of pain comes not from unanswered prayer (?), nor does it come from empty, fleeing platitudes, but from the constant rejection we receive.

And this rejection is based on our pariah-like status as the Walking Dead.

Quite simply, we are rejected because we are rejected!

Think about it. Statistics prove (not to mention original sin, and fallen human nature--which tends toward what is shiny, new, popular, and successful) that the number one reason unemployed people cannot gain meaningful, reasonable employment is because they don't currently have meaningful, reasonable employment.

SHOCK NOTE: Employers don't care about the your personal welfare.

SHOCK NOTE: 'Catholic' and 'Christian' employers don't really care either!

Unlike Jesus, they don't come to heal the sick. They come to find the already trained, the already prepared person, the man or woman who will keep the profit making machine moving. Yet, in reality, the long term unemployed is, sometimes, a highly educated, highly experienced, and highly motivated person. Personally experiencing interviews with Catholic, and Christian, organizations, they offer only platitudes toward my long term suffering, but in reality, they couldn't give two hoots about my suffering--or my families, for that matter! Unlike Jesus, who walked the earth in solidarity with the poor and suffering, who 'employed' poor and uneducated fishermen, zealots, tax collectors, and fools as His Apostles, the new Catholic/Christian organization, and the new world, care little about the poor--except if they are a foreign minority which will make them look charitable--even if the poor be educated, experienced, and motivated to work for their pay.

So, what is the solution to this social imprisonment which we Walking Dead currently occupy?

Personally, I do not have an answer. If I did, I would no longer be a member of the Walking Dead. But, then again, if I were to leave the Walking Dead, would I start offering empty platitudes, while rejecting them for the social pariah that they are? The Good News is that Jesus is always there for us in prayer and sacrament...even if every other 'disciple' runs away like they did when Jesus was a pariah in the garden of Gethsemane.

So, I suppose, like our Lord, we have the Cross...and Resurrection in the Life to come.

Sincerely, if you are a member of the Walking Dead, please comment. Or e-mail me in privacy at