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The Walking Dead: Live Stream, TV premieres on AMC Sunday Night

Tonight "The Walking Dead" will premiere its mid-season return and this enormously popular series has fans eager to see what happens next. According to a report made Sunday by Fansided, tonight's episode will focus on the discovery of a vacant house as the group tried to find a safe haven after leaving the prison.

Watch LiveStream: Livestream or (currently showing marathon)

TV: Watch on AMC tonight 9/8c

The video trailer was incredible showing a marked difference in attitude towards the ghastly creatures. There is a much more relaxed handling and a manipulation of the zombies. Meanwhile, Reddit has spoiler rumors that include: Carol returning, an increased romance between Daryl and Emily, and Rick’s baby Judith may accidentally killed. The Governor may have died in the last episode - but what will happen to his body?

Some fans think leaving the relative safety of the prison is not smart, but it is a necessary move to keep the series fresh with new adventures. According the rumors, there are a few shockers planned for the series that will astound longtime viewers.

Those wanting to watch via AMC website will have to wait 24 hours for the video to play. Meanwhile catch up on old episodes, new story lines and sneak peeks on the sites official website. The link above for live stream is working and currently showing a marathon of walking dead episodes.

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