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'The Walking Dead' lawsuit: AMC answers Frank Darabont's claims

The Walking Dead lawsuit called baseless by AMC
The Walking Dead lawsuit called baseless by AMC
Gene Page/AMC

Frank Darabont sued AMC under allegations that they wrongfully terminated him as the show runner from "The Walking Dead" in 2011. According to The Wrap on Feb. 20, the lawsuit is baseless and they don't feel that Darabont is entitled to any relief in "The Walking Dead" lawsuit.

The release of Darabont from his contract was a bit fishy since they waited until he appeared at Comic Con in 2011 to promote the show to tell him that they were moving on without him. It was Darabont that put together "The Walking Dead" in order to make it onto AMC to begin with.

Darabont said that AMC used what is known as "self-dealing" modes of making money that is hidden from the cast and crew so that they don't have to share profits from the show. He also said that AMC worked out the deal where they sold the show to themselves.

According to the lawsuit, one AMC produces "The Walking Dead" and then allegedly licenses the show for an artificially low fee to another AMF affiliate to televise the show in order to cut out pay to those who have future profit agreements.

Frank Darabont wants the money that was lost by AMC using what he called an "artificially low fee" to be added to the pool of funds meant for "The Walking Dead's" profit participants, of which he is one of.

AMC claims they owe Darabont nothing and his "The Walking Dead" lawsuit is baseless. They added that they don't believe Darabont is entitled to anything in the lawsuit and have asked the courts to completely dismiss the lawsuit.

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