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'The Walking Dead': Lack of deaths on season 4 finale explained by Scott Gimple

Fans expected at least one death on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale
Fans expected at least one death on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale
Trevschan2/YouTube (Screen Capture)

Viewers were expecting at least one death on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale, although there were rumors that there would be three of them. However, season 4, episode 16 ended with no dead characters which surprised and perplexed fans. On April 3, AMC posted an interview with Scott Gimple, who is the showrunner, writer and executive producer of the zombie series. In the interview, he explains why nobody died on the season finale.

Warning: If you have not seen "The Walking Dead" season finale, titled "A," then stop reading.

Although Gimple admits that any character can die at any time, it doesn't mean that they have to. In the zombie apocalypse, people can die at completely random times. The reason why the season 4 finale did not have a character death is because it didn't go along with the storylines for the episode. Gimple said that if every season finale had a death, then "The Walking Dead" would be too predictable.

While there were no character deaths on "A," there were some people who were missing from the episode. Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith did not appear and Beth's whereabouts are still unknown.

Since there were not any deaths on the season finale, maybe fans will see someone be killed off on "The Walking Dead" season 5 premiere. Viewers will have to wait until October 2014 to find out if that will happen and how Rick and the gang will get out of their predicament at Terminus.