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'The Walking Dead': Is Terminus really a sanctuary?

On the March 23 episode of "The Walking Dead," two groups were reunited and some of the main characters made it to Terminus. Now that the place has been found, is it really a sanctuary or is it something else?

Is Terminus really a sanctuary?
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

Warning: If you have not seen "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 15, titled "Us," then stop reading.

One of the best moments of the episode was Glenn and Maggie reuniting. After they rested for the night, the two lovers along with Tara, Abe, Rosita, Eugene, Bob and Sasha headed to Terminus. They ended up finding it, a huge building with each letter of Terminus spelled out at the top of the building. They were surprised to find no guards, nobody watching out for walkers or people with ill intentions and the gates were closed, but unlocked. The characters walked in slowly and they along with viewers were uncertain of what they would find. Had it been abandoned? Overtaken with walkers or perhaps there was a war there, just like with Woodbury and the prison?

Eventually they came across someone, whose back was to them. She was busy working and when she turned around, the group came face to face with a woman named Mary. She had a pleasant smile, didn't seem to be anxious or worried about anything and said after they settled in they could eat.

So what is the deal with Terminus? Is it really a sanctuary? To be honest, it seems too good to be true. For one, where are all the other people? Even if it was time for lunch, wouldn't there be others out working the gardens, washing clothes or helping Mary? There also didn't seem to be any weapons nearby. Since the gates were unlocked, even though they were closed, what if walkers had made their way inside? What if people who were not looking for a safe place, but somewhere to take what they wanted had made their way in?

There is also the fact that if Terminus is so wonderful, then there wouldn't be much of a storyline for season 5. Since "The Walking Dead" was renewed, there has to be something dangerous coming up. The zombie series will have nowhere to go unless there is drama, suspense and action.

Something about Terminus feels wrong and it is just too good to be true. While the rest of the characters will probably meet up there, chances are the "sanctuary" won't be a good place after all. The only question is what is going on there and what will the main characters encounter while there?

The season finale of "The Walking Dead" is titled "A" and will air on March 30. Perhaps viewers will get some answers when it airs.

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