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The Walking Dead: Is Terminus a Community of Cannibals?

If you have been following The Walking Dead during this fourth season of the show, you have been wondering about Terminus -- the sanctuary at the end of the railroad line. Characters who survived the destruction and fallout at the prison have been making their way to this supposed safe haven.

What is unknown, though, is whether Terminus really is a place of safety or something much darker. According to The Heavy, there are a few important facts about Terminus that could point to the idea that cannibalism awaits our weary survivors at Terminus.

In the 11th graphic novel of The Walking Dead, a group of cannibals known as "The Hunters" become the main bad guys. Terminus itself is not a part of the graphic novel series but was created for the television series, so it could be an easy leap to believe that the cannibalism of The Hunters could be a main theme of Terminus.

Such a gruesome purpose would make sense when you think about it. Why would a safe community wish to invite and welcome outsiders? This is the zombie apocalypse after all -- survival is tough. As we saw at the prison, you can't trust most people. What would be the gain for a community to throw open its gates and advertise that everyone should come and visit? Cannibalism could be a reasonable explanation -- fresh meat that delivers itself to your door. Something to think about...

The season finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday night, March 30 on AMC. We hope to have some questions answered and see some loose ends tied up as we await season five in the fall.

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