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'The Walking Dead' is set to return this Sunday; what to expect

'The Walking Dead' is set to return Sunday, Feb. 9.
'The Walking Dead' is set to return Sunday, Feb. 9.
Photo by theNerdPatrol/Flickr

"The Walking Dead" is about to make its return on Sunday, Feb. 9. The midseason premiere promises to be darker than before, according to a Feb. 7 report by

The first half of Season 4 lost most fan's interest. It seemed a bit redundant after Season 3. But the midseason finale ended with the survivors scrambling away from the prison.

Most of the characters are now lost and walking into parts unknown. It left fans with a lot of questions like if they will find their way back together, and where are they all headed now that the prison is ruined?

Fans are wondering if Carol will make a return, as well. Will Tyreese find out that she burned the bodies? If so, how will he react?

Fans also want to know if baby Judith is really dead. Creator Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter, “We are keeping that as a mystery that will be revealed in the back half [of season four].”

There are still some burning questions about who fed the zombies. Many viewers assumed it was the Governor or Lizzie Samuels, the blonde girl that called one of the zombies "Nick."

Whatever happens on "The Walking Dead," it will surely start with a bang. The show will air on AMC at 9 p.m. EST.

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