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'The Walking Dead': Is Norman Reedus single, and will Daryl hook up with Carol?

"The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus talks about relationships on and off the show
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Norman Reedus isn't so sure that his "The Walking Dead" character, loveable redneck Daryl Dixon, is going to find love with cold-blooded killer Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). But is Norman luckier in love when it comes to real life?

During a Feb. 23 interview with the New York Post, Reedus said something that will please the rabid groups of female fans who sport names like Norman's Nymphos and Dixen's Vixens – the actor revealed that he's single once again. Reedus broke a lot of hearts last December when he was photographed holding hands with a 20-year-old model named Cecilia Singley. However, it looks like that relationship was just the kind of fun fling that actors get to enjoy once they get really famous. "I’m pretty single in all areas of my life at the moment," Reedus told the Post. "I’m like that weird old cat lady." His cool black cat, Eye in the Dark, probably enjoys the company.

Norman Reedus might not be dating a woman half his age in real life, but some fans of "The Walking Dead" are wondering if he'll hook up with a much-younger woman on the show. After the prison battle, Daryl Dixon ended up separated from the rest of the group along with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). Daryl and Beth even have their own celebrity portmanteau name: "Bethyl." This sounds like some kind of chemical compound that could be effective in knocking out a field full of walkers. But who needs chemical gases when you've got Daryl and his trusty crossbow?

Reedus already told TV Guide that Beth and Daryl aren't going to get romantically involved, but their relationship will continue to evolve as they're forced to spend one-on-one time together. So fans who ship "Caryl" can still hope that the most eligible bachelor on "The Walking Dead" will give his Cherokee rose to Carol. However, when asked about the possibility of a Caryl romance, Reedus didn't seem to think that it would be a very good idea. "They’re both really damaged people," he said. "But I don’t know, [Daryl] hasn’t hooked up with anyone at this point. It is the end of the world, and I think you get love where you can find it." According to Entertainmentwise, Reedus also told fans not to expect any "Twilight"-style scenes if his character ever does get lucky. "The thing about that is, I really want to play him sort of- he's not the type of guy that's gonna like, throw you up against the tree in the moonlight," he said during a recent appearance on "LIVE With Kelly And Michael."

If any ladies are interested in romancing Reedus in real life, there's something they need to know about the star – don't expect to get a backwoods action figure like Daryl Dixon. "People think I’m this angry, surly, ready-to-start-a-fight guy, but I’m kind of a pussycat," he revealed. "I’m kind of a wimp. I don’t like confrontation at all, anywhere. I don’t even like to watch other people have confrontations." He also revealed that he's a fan of onesie pajamas that look like cats, so now his admirers have a new wacky item to send him (he has enough breast implants, ladies).

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