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'The Walking Dead' ‘Inmate’ recap: Judith, Carol, Abraham and more spoilers

'The Walking Dead' ‘Inmate’ recap: Judith, Carol, Abraham and more spoilers
'The Walking Dead' ‘Inmate’ recap: Judith, Carol, Abraham and more spoilers
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Some of the most asked questions following the midseason finale of season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ concerned the fate of Judith, the whereabouts of Carol and the arrival of Abraham. Those questions and a few others were answered when episode 4X10 “Inmates” aired on Sunday. The Wall Street Journal shared some details on Feb. 16 concerning these and other characters form everyone’s favorite zombie show.


From the promo photos, we knew Glenn was in trouble. He wakes up on the catwalk surrounded by zombies as far as he can see. He races back into the prison to find he has been left behind. He retrieves his body armor from under his bed and collapses. After staring at a photo of Maggie for a bit, he gears up, shoulders his weapon and tries to run through the sea of walkers. He spies Tara, sitting in shock, on a fenced in loading dock and convinces her to flee with him.

Daryl and Beth

Beth and Daryl made it out and are on the run. She’s out of ammo but she somehow grabbed her journal from the prison before fleeing. We hear voice overs of her entries as the two of them continue to run.

Beth insists they try to find some of the others. Daryl wordlessly agrees and they begin tracking. All they find are muddy boot prints and picked and dropped grapes. He believes whoever it was, left in a hurry and is about 4 to 5 hours ahead of them. We later learn that it was Tyreese and the kids.

Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika

The girls follow Tyreese who is carrying Judith as they wander through the woods. They make camp and Lizzie uses her knife to do ‘something (off camera) to a rabbit. It seems clear she is the one who killed the rats back at the prison. The next day, they find the grapes. A bird taking flight startles Mika and she bolts so Lizzie and Tyreese take off after her, leaving the ‘hurried’ boot prints.

Cries in the distance draw Tyreese’s attention and he leaves Judith with Lizzie to go investigate. The baby cries and it’s drawing the walkers. Lizzie puts her hand over the baby’s mouth and keeps it there, watching intently as she did when she watched the rabbit die.

Tyreese tries to help a group of survivors under zombie attack but all the humans, save for him are bitten. After destroying the last walker, he hears his name being called. He turns to Lizzie and Mika with someone.


Yes, she’s back. She is at first afraid but when she realizes Tyreese doesn’t know what she supposedly did, she relaxes. She makes up a story and tells him how she saw them leave the prison during the attack and had been trying to catch up to the kids. Thank goodness she showed up in time to stop Lizzie from killing the baby! One of the bitten humans tells them to follow the tracks to a safe place up ahead. They do and eventually come across a sigh post indicating the way to Terminus – possibly the Sanctuary?

Maggie, Sasha and Bob

Maggie, Sasha and Bob escaped and Maggie is determined to find Glenn so they head off in the direction they think the bus went. When they find it, sitting in the middle of the road, it is full of walkers. They take them all out in an effort to find Glenn but he’s not there. (No, he’s back at the prison). Maggie sits in the bus in a state of semi-hysteria. Not finding him could mean he’s still alive, though.

Tara tells Glenn that she saw her sister die and that Brian (aka The Governor) killed the old man. Glenn is devastated to learn Herschel is dead. After fighting off another band of walkers, Glenn, still recovering from the flu, collapses. Just then an army truck pulls up.

Abraham Arrives

Abraham and 2 others, Rosita and Eugene, step out of the truck.

This was perhaps not as action-packed as some would like but it did a good job of bringing us up to speed on where everyone is and what’s going on. We know who’s alive and who isn’t and we can move forward. What did you think of the episode?

“The Walking Dead” returns next Sunday, Feb. 23 with episode 4X11 “Claimed.”

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