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'The Walking Dead': Hints of cannibalism many missed

Will Daryl survive Terminus?
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

The season finale of “The Walking Dead” showed viewers more about what to expect in the next season than many might think. Expertly directed, this episode explained what the group of zombie apocalypse survivors had gotten themselves into by going to Terminus. According to an April 1 report by The Hollywood Reporter, there were many hints of cannibalism that many viewers of "The Walking Dead" may have missed.

One of those hints to cannibalism was how Daryl, Rick, Carl, and Michonne were “herded” toward the train car. The shooters weren't trying to kill them or even stop them. They were were directing them to the train car. Just like in old western movies, the “cattle” was being driven through a winding maze before they arrived at the train car.

“The more people become part of us, we get stronger,” Gareth, the leader of Terminus, stated.

That sums it up. It wasn't an eloquent way of saying there was strength in numbers. He was talking about how eating people made them stronger, allowing them to live.

Another hint the viewers saw were the piles of meat as Daryl, Rick, Carl and Michonne ran through Terminus. After a closer look, it appeared they were “stripped down carcasses of humans. Unfortunately, even the closest of looks didn't reveal if Beth was a part of that pile of meat.

For those who have some knowledge of the cattle industry, it is common knowledge that cattle are loaded into train cars in single file. Just as Daryl, Rick, Michonne and Carl were loaded into the train car. The calves are last. It is believed they will follow their mothers with little problem. That is why Rick went first and Carl was told to follow him. And, cattle do not see the others already in the train car. If Daryl and the others had seen Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Bob and their new friends in the train car, they might not have went in as willingly as they did. There was even foreshadowing to that scene when Rick taught Carl how to “funnel” prey into the trap.

The biggest hint of all was how easy it was to enter Terminus and how friendly they appeared to the newcomers. In a previous episode, Mary smiled and told the prison group she would “make you a plate.” Yes, she would make them a plate – as in make a plate of them.

Viewers of “The Walking Dead” may think all hope is lost. However, they should keep in mind that Carol, Tyreese, baby Judith and, maybe, Beth are not yet at Terminus. It is possible that they will find the bag of weapons Rick buried in the woods and be able to help save their friends. Of course, fans of “The Walking Dead” have a long wait; the series will not return until next fall.

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