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'The Walking Dead' has 'very specific ideas' about Daryl Dixon's sexuality

There is a lot of chatter of the possibility that Norman Reedus' character on "The Walking Dead," Daryl Dixon, might be gay. The question came up after Robert Kirkman said that they have "very specific ideas" about the character's sexuality. On Aug. 14, CinemaBlend reported the news.

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead"
Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC wrote that a fan noticed a possible parallel between Daryl and a character from the comics. The comic book character is Jesus, who is described as "a tough character and all around bada**, who also just happens to be gay." So what does Robert Kirkman, "The Walking Dead" creator have to say about it?

Kirkman wouldn't confirm nor deny it. All he would say is that the matter has been discussed. He also said that they have "very specific ideas about Daryl's sexuality." If Daryl Dixon is gay, why hasn't it been revealed yet? The reason is because it simply hasn't come up. Living in the zombie apocalypse keeps a guy pretty busy. However, Kirkman said that if there is ever a quiet time where there are no distractions, then they will tackle it on the television series.

Then the question of if AMC would allow something like that came up. Kirkman responded that the network would absolutely allow it. And why shouldn't they? There are plenty of television shows that have at least one gay character. "The Walking Dead" already has one: Tara. Even though she hasn't had any romantic scenes, fans shouldn't be surprised if one day she will if she continues to be on the show. There is no reason why there can't be two or more gay characters on "The Walking Dead."

There isn't much time for romance on "TWD." The characters are living in a dangerous world. Most of the time they are battling zombies or threats such as the Governor or Terminus. When they don't have a stable shelter, like they did at the prison, then they are out in the world, unable to truly relax. A herd of walkers could approach at any moment and they have to stay on their "A" game.

Even though there was some intimacy between Rick and Lori, and then Lori with Shane, as well as Glenn and Maggie, romance and sexuality isn't a top priority. CinemaBlend pointed out that while other shows have romance as a top priority, "The Walking Dead" characters don't have a whole lot of time for romance.

Reedus spoke to CinemaBlend at Comic-Con about Daryl's feelings for Beth. He offered an interesting insight that might explain why Daryl hasn't shown an interest in either gender,

"If Daryl has a thing for Beth or whatever, I always saw that as, if he did, he didn’t understand those feelings. He might have felt them, but it wasn’t a thing. He was sort of uncomfortable with those feelings, but there might be hope somewhere down the line and then it was taken from him, again."

Daryl being uncomfortable would make sense when you think about his childhood. His upbringing wasn't a typical one and he didn't have a good example of relationships. If someone grows up that way, they are bound to view love, sex and intimacy differently than others.

What do you think about Daryl Dixon's sexuality? Do you think "The Walking Dead" character is gay or is he just uncomfortable with intimacy? When and how do you think it will be revealed to viewers?

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