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'The Walking Dead's’ Greg Nicotero purposely kept Terminus-cannibals unclear

'The Walking Dead's’ Greg Nicotero purposely kept Terminus-cannibals unclear
'The Walking Dead's’ Greg Nicotero purposely kept Terminus-cannibals unclear
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Hyundai

Most of us were stymied about just what it was that Mary was cooking on the big ole grill at Terminus in the season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead” and that’s just how Greg Nicotero wanted it. According to an April 29 post on Wetpaint, Nicotero couldn’t be prouder of how the episode he directed turned out.

As Glenn and his party entered Terminus, they were greeted by a woman cooking at an enormous grill who introduced herself as Mary. Fans have surmised that the folks at the supposed sanctuary are in fact the cannibals from the comic books. In the finale, when Rick and his group are dodging bullets and being herded to the boxcar, they pass some gruesome piles of bones. They can also hear other people calling out for help, probably from other boxcars. It all adds up to cannibals at Terminus, to us anyway.

When asked if it was his intention to be ambiguous about the cannibal factor, he replied, "Oh, of course. I know what she's cooking, and people will find out next season what she's cooking, but yeah, absolutely. I'm really proud of that episode."

In an interview with Zap 2 It, Nicotero also said he really enjoying helming the filming of the midseason premiere that featured Rick, Carl and Michonne. He also knows which episodes he’s directing for season 5 but is keeping quiet on that for now.

In talking about episodes form season 4 that he enjoyed, he found Melissa McBride’s performance as Carol Peletier in the episode “The Grove” moving. After watching it, he was speechless and finally called McBride to tell her that she’d made him cry.

So what can we expect of season 5 besides finding out what or who Mary is cooking? We know the season will have 16 episodes and be split into two 8-episode sections with a start in October, a break from December to February and then the final half. Writer Scott Gimple likes the 8-episode chunks because it’s like getting to do 2 separate mini-series. Gimple has also stated that the first half of the season will feature a big shift in tone.

"The Walking Dead" is expected to return to AMC with Season 5 in October 2014.