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'The Walking Dead': Gareth cast, has important role in season 4

Fans of "The Walking Dead" knew to expect a character named Gareth and read that actor Andrew J. West would be appearing on the zombie series, but connecting the two had not been confirmed until recently. On March 8, WetPaint posted information on who would be playing the part of Gareth as well as some character details.

Andrew J. West has been cast as Gareth in "The Walking Dead"
Movieline/YouTube (Screen Capture)

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers, then stop reading.

The role of Gareth will be played by actor Andrew J. West, who was Fisher on "Greek" and Max on "Privileged." In addition to being cast in "The Walking Dead," he will be in several movies that are being released this year.

Showrunner Scott Gimple revealed details about the character of Gareth and said that he was an invention created for "TWD." West is currently credited as a guest star, but it is being reported that his role is important in season 4 and there will be an option for him to become a series regular in season 5.

Fans that have read the comics say that Gareth isn't based on only one character from the comic books.

So far on "The Walking Dead" season 4, some of the groups are headed toward a place called Terminus, which is supposed to be a safe haven, protecting its inhabitants from zombies. However, fans suspect that it won't be as good as it sounds. It is being speculated that Gareth may be connected to Terminus and there are others who think he will be one of the Hunters.

It is unclear if Gareth will be a good or bad guy. A few months ago a Google+ user wrote that if the show follows the comics, which doesn't always happen, then the next villain will make the Governor look like Prince Charming.

What kind of role do you think Gareth will play? Do you think he could be the next villain on "The Walking Dead" season 4 or will he play a good character?

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