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‘The Walking Dead' finale spoilers Andrew Lincoln, Dania Gurira, Melissa McBride

Terminus on season 4 of 'The Walking Dead'
Terminus on season 4 of 'The Walking Dead'
Photo by AMC Promotional

The season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead” is literally just hours away from airing and the fan frenzy is at fever pitch. The spoilers ahead were gathered from a variety of sources including CNN’s March 29 report so read on at your own risk.

‘The Walking Dead' finale spoilers Andrew Lincoln, Dania Gurira, Melissa McBride
Photos by AMC Promotional

The CNN report is based on an interview with Melissa McBride who plays Carol Pelletier on the show. Carol was responsible for the burning deaths of David and Karen earlier in the season. She was protecting the prison inhabitants from a deadly flu outbreak but her actions earned her a banishment form the prison by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) when he discovered her involvement.

When Carol finally reappeared, it was to save the girls Lizzie, Mika and Judith, from walkers only to later have to put Lizzie down like a rabid dog after killing Lizzie killed her own sister, Mika.

McBride spoke of her character’s evolution on the show and how Carol has come full circle, starting as a battered woman, a victim, then losing her own daughter and the guilt she carries over that to becoming this self-sufficient warrior and survivor who has to kill children for the betterment of the group.

Of the finale, McBride says, “There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said! Like every finale, (whispers) it's gonna be crazy!”

Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on the series, warns that not all the finale speculations are right. Cast members follow the media and she’s read many of the predictions for the season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead.” In her interview, she said, “I’ve read all predictions and none of them are right. No-one’s going to be able to figure out this ending – so it’s going to be a really exciting thing to watch people respond to!”

There are some prevalent theories being floated around about what happens at Terminus, who its inhabitants are and what happens with characters like Rick, Carl and Beth. Are all of these theories, really wrong or is Danai trying to mislead us so we’ll be surprised?

Andrew Lincoln also added some insight on the upcoming finale in an interview with Yahoo TV. We’ve heard from Robert Kirkman that the episode 16 finale will “shock people” and that Rick Grimes will become a brutal killer. Here’s what Lincoln has to say about the episode and about Rick’s transformation.

On whether we should be fearful for Rick: “Yes, and you should be, be afraid. I've just spoken to someone who's seen it... they were freaking out a bit.”

On whether or not Joe and his gang who now count Daryl in its membership end up finding Rick: “Just wait, just wait. We haven't got long to go [laughing]. They meet, yeah... they would be pretty bad trackers if they didn't meet, is all I'm saying. But you never know. I've got a feeling that... well, something's going to go down, definitely. I'll say that.”

What Lincoln added about Rick’s storyline is this:

“Yeah, that's very good. I think the story this season begins with a man suppressing his brutality for the sake of his son. I don't want to give too much away, but basically, you will see a side of Rick that you haven't seen before or in a place that he goes to that he's never been before. Like most things he's driven by, it's for the sake of his son.

All I will say is that when I read [the script], I called up Scott Gimple, and I said, "Scott, we've always been incredibly responsible with where we go and the darkness and the brutality of the world that we inhabit. Do you think we may be going a little bit far on this?" He said, "No, no, not at all," and when I did it, when I did the scene, like most things Scott Gimple says, he was right, and it made complete sense. It is a definite evolution.”

Lincoln also says that the finale is his favorite episode of the season because the change is so intense and irrevocable.

His thoughts on season 5:

“Oh, yeah. Everybody's going crazy. All the people that are still alive are texting each other [laughing]. It's an amazing time. Just because it so beautifully synchronizes... the finale and then suddenly the emails start coming in and everybody starts getting ready [for Season 5]. It's particularly exciting to start up Season 5, because of where we leave Season 4. It's a really thrilling place.”

Sounds like Rick makes it through the season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead.”

“The Walking Dead” season 4 finale airs Sunday, March 30, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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