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'The Walking Dead' filming starts in Georgia; revisits Terminus train car

Norman Reedus
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The Walking Dead” crew, stars and extras are all on set in Georgia for the first day of work on the season five of the popular AMC show. As fans are still clueless when exactly the show will air on AMC (only October has been confirmed,) it is great to see that everyone has come together once again for the big production that is set to last until the end of the year. According to WetPaint on Monday, “The Walking Dead” officially started filming early Monday morning.

While most fans have no idea what to expect after many of the cast members were locked up in a rail car at Terminus, there are many viewers who don’t mind the wait to find out what happens next. Looking to bring the story to life, those viewers who want to get an idea of the story pick up copies of the books to follow along. Adding the dimension of live action is perfect too, but waiting hasn't been too tough.

It sounds crazy, but some fans have headed to Georgia to check out the filming location and try to catch a glimpse of the cast after they have shot their scenes. Several websites including The Spoiling Dead Fans are offering details on what is being seen at the area. On Monday the site reported that film trucks, guards and other crew members were at the Terminus location and no doubt was getting ready for a week of filming. Is it really possible to see the filming of “The Walking Dead” in person? That idea is unlikely, but fans waiting around the gates might get a picture or autograph from cast members.

Waiting until the late fall for a chance to watch AMC’s show full of zombies might be a little bit long. Fans are relaying on cast and crew to share details and so far actors like Norman Reedus have been sharing what they can (without giving away the spoilers.)

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