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‘The Walking Dead’ filming news: Terminus, Senoia neighborhood blocked off

Crew of  'The Walking Dead' at Terminus
Crew of 'The Walking Dead' at Terminus
Photo via Facebook/The Spoiling Dead Fans

It’s no secret that season 5 of “The Walking Dead” has been filming for weeks now but what may be news is where and how they are filming. Two locations seem prominent in recent filming and production schedules. According to Wetpaint on July 14, film crews and many of the cast returned to Terminus for filming last weekend. The other potentially big news has to do with a neighborhood in Senoia, Georgia.

‘The Walking Dead’ filming news: Terminus, Senoia neighborhood blocked off
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

During the early weeks of filming, which began in May, Terminus and the surrounding area was a beehive of activity. By the end of the month, The Spoiling Dead Fans who track the movements of the cast and crew, reported that the letters in the windows of Terminus had been taken down or covered up. The group reported in following weeks that filming was going on in other locations.

However, TSDF asked on July 12, "Any of our members in Atlanta around Terminus? Word going around is they are filming there now." The question was answered the next day when they posted, "They were '100 percent' filming at Terminus yesterday. We just don't know if it's episode filming or promotional. Word is they are filming again today."

The site stated that tarps were t up to prevent prying eyes from seeing what was going down. From a post on the group’s Facebook site: “Tarps put up around Terminus. Michael/Abe, Andrew/Rick, Sonequa/Sasha and Eulyn were all seen yesterday.” Later that same day, the group posted, “Andrew/Rick, Melissa/Carol, Norman/Daryl, Steven/Glenn, Lauren/Maggie and Nicotero all at terminus. Few back ground walkers were seen too . Andrew/Rick, Michael/Abraham, Sonequa/Sasha and Chad/Tyrese were all there yesterday. They are filming something inside.”

Later posts commented on there being tarps covering the fences and vans blocking the gates. Some of the stars were reported being seen leaving and the banged up vehicles that had been present at Terminus in season 4 were removed. Check out the slide show for the pictures.

So was this promotional filming? Maybe they were doing reshoots for the premiere episode. Or maybe, some of the characters actually do end up back at Terminus. Hmmm.

The second location is a small portion of Senoia, Georgia which is being enclosed by a 15-foot wall.

‘The Walking Dead’ encloses a Senoia neighborhood with 15-foot wall. According to Radio TV Talk, “The Walking Dead” got permission to seal off about 10 homes in the neighborhood. The wall is under construction and a picture can be seen in the slideshow. The wall is expected to be in place through November suggesting the area will be a prime location for a good portion of the season.

Some fan groups are venturing guesses as to what part of the comic book series this represents. Possibilities include the Alexandria Safe Zone and the Hilltop. What do you think?

The premiere date for season 5 of “The Walking Dead” has not been released. AMC will probably announce it later this month when the cast and showrunners appear at Comic Con. Currently, the premiere is expected in October.

AMC has not announced a season five launch date for “The Walking Dead” but it will likely be sometime in October.

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