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‘The Walking Dead' executive producer Gale Anne Hurd on Daryl, Beth, more

Beth of 'The Walking Dead'
Beth of 'The Walking Dead'
Photo by AMC Promotional

The Walking Dead” returned last week with the spring premiere and fans are anxiously awaiting this week’s episode to learn what happened to the rest of the cast like Daryl and Beth. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd shared some insight on what’s still coming in the next 7 episodes, according to Access Hollywood on Feb. 13.

‘The Walking Dead' executive producer Gale Anne Hurd on Daryl, Beth, more
Photos by AMC Promotional

Hurd said there is no particular format for the second half of the season but fans can expect to see more introspection and a chance to get to know the characters more deeply, including backstories, because they are separated and in smaller groups. She also said there will be more flashback sequences though not a regular thing. When asked if the flashbacks could mean some beloved characters might return, she said she wasn’t allowed to discuss that.

The upcoming episode, 4X10, “Inmates” will follow, in part, the story of Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon. Hurd reminded us that Beth was virtually suicidal in season 2. She has to make the choice to survive in the wake of her father’s death and being separated from her sister. As to whether or not the relationship between Beth and Daryl will change, the executive producer said that being isolated from everyone else will tend to do 2 things: bring out the things that bind you and highlight the friction between 2 people with possibly very different values.

Daryl will have to come to terms with the loss of his role as a leader, the loss of his surrogate family such as it was back at the prison. He may feel a sense of responsibility for that loss. She also mentioned Carol fans will happy “fairly soon” but wouldn’t expound further.

Rick and Carl still have some work to do on their relationship. At this point, what is driving Rick on, is keeping Carl alive and hoping that somehow Baby Judith is alive somewhere. Now that Michonne has reconnected with Rick and Carl, the threesome makes a nice surrogate family. Michonne and Carl already have a relationship so it works nicely.

“The Walking Dead” continues Sunday, Feb. 16 on AMC. In the meantime, check out the new promotional pictures for the remainder of the season.

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