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The Walking Dead Escape event (slideshow)

The Walking Dead Escape infected Reliant Stadium and is coming to a city near you. Thousands of participants flocked to the South Gates in preparation of a night these zombie fans will never forget. Right before dusk, the first wave of Survivors ran, jumped, dodged, and used their zombie apocalypse knowledge to make even the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman proud.

Highlights from The Walking Dead Escape Event in Houston, TX
Lizzie Sanchez- permission granted

The Walking Dead is a well-known comic book and TV show that airs on AMC. The Walking Dead Escape takes this fandom with the novelty of fun runs and obstacle courses and puts the participant right in the middle of the action. Whether fans of The Walking Dead or zombie enthusiasts, everyone was extremely pleased in this volunteer based course.

Participants will choose from three different levels as to how involved they are in the apocalypse. Spectators who walk the side lines of the course, cheering on both the runners and zombies. The zombies are called Walkers, their main purpose is to scare, horrify, and sniff out their next meal. A team of professional makeup artists turn these ordinary people into the undead, are given a crash course in Zombie 101 and then are unleashed upon the masses. The final option are the Survivors, who are trying to do just that, survive. They are the living trying to make it through the course with coming into the lease amount of contact with a Walker as possible. They are the ones running, jumping, screaming, and possibly passing on the infection if they don’t make it past the decontamination zone. While with most living dead infections, a bite, scratch or death will bring upon the virus, here it’s just the mere touch of the walking dead that will turn you. You don’t have to be the fastest but just faster than the slowest person.

Check out for more details and if you are brave enough there are 7 remaining events left in 2014, as well as a special 2 day event at San Diego Comic Con. And catch season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead this October.

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