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The Walking Dead Episode Commentary: US

The Walking Dead, AMC, Walkers

This episode of "The Walking Dead" may bounce around more than the hanging shoulders of a hungry walker, but it's ultimately a winner thanks to solid story writing and endearing characters.

Still on the road with their own missions, we have Abraham's group that involves, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn and Tara. While the main purpose is survival, two people from this group have intentions of getting to their loved one and saving the world. Glenn is desperately trying to find Maggie, and Abraham is trying to get Eugene over to Washington to as he knows what caused the outbreak and believes he could stop it. Daryl is stuck with Joe and his gang, who are bullies and love to claim what ever they get their hands on.

The little we see of Rick, Carl, and Michonne, they are walking the tracks on their own little journey.

Overall, “Us” is a journey that involves the different characters in the group who have survived thus far. The end result is satisfying and a feel good climax.

We start with Abraham and crew trying to help Glenn find Maggie at Terminus. At the same time however, Abraham's mission is to get Eugene safely to Washington. While trying to reach their main objectives, there were obstacles that needed to be overcome. Some involved walkers, a dark tunnel filled with walkers, tough decisions on when to rest, when to make the next move, who is coming, and who is not. Simply put, this episode had important sacrifices and lessons on survival.

Daryl is having a tough time with Joe and his crew. He is simply an outcast at this point. Joe, on the other hand, is explaining that while he is with his crew, there are rules that need to be followed. He is teaching him about survival of the fittest, the rules of living a zombie apocalyptic life, and claiming what's yours. Daryl, on the other hand, is too stubborn to realize this and wants to go his own way.

Finally, Glenn is forced to overcome an obstacle that could reunite him with Maggie or kill him. Towards the end of the episode, a dark tunnel filled with walkers stands in the way of Glenn seeking out his mission. With the help of Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, Glenn's wish comes true and he is reunited with Maggie in a heartwarming scene which was rare, due to the circumstances each of the characters have been through. To top it off, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Eugene, Rosita and Tara finally get to Terminus. There, they meet a woman named Mary who is cooking away on a hot grill. This can mean only one of two things, there is either steak or burgers ready to be scarfed down, or something really bad is on the horizon. It is for certain that Terminus resembles Woodbury a bit.

We all know how that turned out.

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