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The Walking Dead Episode Commentary: The Grove

The Grove
The Grove

Arguably one of the greatest episodes of “The Walking Dead,”“The Grove” gives true meaning on how to survive in life, no matter what the circumstances.

Mika and Lizzie, who are complete opposites, get to experience the reality of life during a zombie apocalypse. However, the shock of this entire episode involves tragedy that will have chills running down your spine and have you come to the realization that living in denial is dangerous.

Throughout this episode, Carol teaches Mika to toughen up and that one day she will be on her own and have to take care of herself. These are the life lessons that your parents teach you as a child in the new world. Lizzie, on the other hand, is in her own world. The bad news is that she is psychotic. She is not in touch with reality and she does not want to see the walkers get killed. In fact, she considers them to be her friends as she constantly feeds them mice. She has names for them.

There were several situations where Mika was put to the test, one of which was that she was faced with a situation where she had to shoot a walker to save Lizzie. The good news is that she succeeded. Another situation was where Mika was put in the situation to shoot a deer, but she couldn't go through with it, which is completely understandable. You want to build yourself up by killing one walker at a time.

Tyrese and Carol shared some interesting moments in this episode. One of which was a cute deer joke. Carol also confessed that she killed Karen and David. Tyrese's emotions made the scene- he was intense. but at the same time forgiving. His character has become more interesting from when he was first introduced.

Finally, the moment that had everyone talking was when Lizzie, with a bloody arm and knife in her hand, killed her sister Mika. The scary part was she thought it was all a game because Mika would come back as a walker, something Lizzie thought was acceptable. Carol has to do what's right and ends up killing Lizzie. Although it was a serious scene, Carol's approach to killing Lizzie resembled sort of a mob kill. She walks Lizzie through the woods, has her focus on the flowers, and Lizzie knows what comes next.

This episode does stand out from the rest and what makes it unique is that it teaches you a few basic life lessons that are important to survive, and they are to toughen up and grow up. One day you will have to fend for yourself, no matter what.

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