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The Walking Dead Episode Commentary: Lost and Found

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

It was an all out survival of the fittest episode of “The Walking Dead."

“Lost and Found” explored several characters in the aftermath of the battle that occurred at the prison. At first, we see Daryl and Beth running for their lives as they try to evade walkers and get as far away from the prison as possible. Interestingly enough, you hear Beth in a voice over as she reads from her journal that dated back when Rick and the group first arrived at the farm back in season two. Tyrese, along with Mika, Lizzy, and baby Judith are trying to evade walkers as well. Luckily for them, an unlikely character returns to their aid. Maggie, Sasha and Bob head to the bus where Glenn said he would escort the other members of the group away from the prison.

In an intense scene that involves Walkers getting off of a school bus, Maggie displays an academy award winning performance as she fears that Glenn has become a walker. Finally Glenn awakens from being knocked out unconscious. His situation is interesting because he was still at the prison. On his way out he encounters Tara who was part of Team Governor. While going up against several walkers they each run into several new characters that will play a big part in the remainder of the season.

“Lost and Found” was an intense episode. Each of the members of the group had their own problems trying to elude walkers. However, the message that kept coming up was faith. It was what Hershel would've wanted. Although Hershel is no longer with the group, he is still an important part of the show because his faith not only kept him alive for as long as his time was up, it is also keeping the remaining members of the group going and not giving up.

Although there was no Rick, Carl, and Michonne in this episode, there was plenty of suspense and action to keep the audience focused and interested. There were several nail biting moments where you thought several main characters were going to kick the bucket. Carol made a triumphant return as she bailed out Tyrese and the girls, and baby Judith. Finally Glenn and Tara team up take out several walkers and run into Abraham Ford, played by Michael Cudiltz (“Southland”) a new character who like the Governor, is a fan favorite from the comic books.

Overall, this episode had everything a fan would hope for. The situation the characters are in make it much more exciting to what is to come the rest of the season, and to top it off we get to see how Abraham will be portrayed on television as opposed to in the comics. Now that the group is separated, the question remains on how, and if they will survive to reunite as a whole for the remainder of the season. That is unless walkers get in the way and continue to be a nightmare for them, then unfortunately surviving for this long ,would have been for nothing.

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