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'The Walking Dead' episode 4X15 'Us' recap: Terminus and a happy reunion

'The Walking Dead' episode 4X15 'Us' recap: Terminus and a happy reunion
'The Walking Dead' episode 4X15 'Us' recap: Terminus and a happy reunion
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"The Walking Dead" finally brings some of the survivors to Terminus and provides fans with a long-anticipated reunion in episode 4X15, “Us.” It’s been five episodes since Glenn and Maggie were together and the reunion was better than we could have hoped for. As for Terminus, that’s another story, according to the March 23 post on Zap 2 It.

The Reunion

Abraham wants everyone to rest so they can protect Eugene but Glenn is all about getting to Terminus and Maggie. In a bid to protect Eugene, Abraham shoves Tara, who falls and is injured. Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita find a sign reading, “Glenn, go to Terminus,” and it’s signed by Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Woot!

The group discovers a tunnel and it is clear walkers are inside. Abraham and his friends opt to go around while Glenn and Tara opt to push through. As the pair battle one group of walkers after another, a stone falls, pinning Tara’s leg. Glenn tries to free her but can’t. She tells him to leave her because even if he frees her, she can’t run. He begins shooting and things look pretty dire until Abraham and Rosita show up with Maggie!

“God, you are so beautiful,” Glenn tells Maggie. He then introduces Maggie as his wife to Tare and tells Maggie he couldn’t have made it this far without his friend Tara.


Glenn, Maggie Sasha, Bob, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita are the first group to make it to Terminus. A sign reads “lower your weapons. You will be met. You have arrived at Terminus.” The place was reminiscent of Woodbury – lovely and peaceful though seemingly with fewer inhabitants. And though it looked safe and sound, something about it felt off.

The group enters the building where a woman greets them from the grill. She simply says ‘Welcome to Terminus.’

Rick, Carl and Michonne

We only get a brief glimpse of the trio as they follow the track headed for Terminus. To pass the time, Carl and Michonne have a contest to see who can walk balanced on the rails the longest. Carl wins and earns a coveted chocolate bar as his prize.


Daryl is out hunting rabbits when one of Joe’s gang members challenges him over the rabbit and then taunts him about Beth. Justas Daryl is about to stab him to death, Joe appears. Joe explains to Daryl that in order to prevent themselves from going all psycho, the group uses a method of “claiming” to keep the sanity. Instead of punishing Daryl for breaking the rules (which he didn’t know existed), he cuts the rabbit in half and keeps the peace.

Daryl, Joe and the other guy journey on and Joe has a heart to heart with Daryl. He basically tells him he’s an outdoor cat who’s been trying to act like an indoor cat and it’s pathetic. He should be the hunter and killer he was born to be.

In a random garage, Joe and his buddy end up claiming things left and right but Daryl refrains from playing the little game. Later he finds the body of Joe’s friend and it seems to bother him.

Joe tells Daryl they are heading for Terminus but that he doubts it will prove to be a sanctuary for guys like them. He also tells him how they after the guy who killed one of their members when they were raiding a house. He remembers his face. One of them steps on a chocolate bar wrapper dropped by Carl. They are tracking Rick, Carl and Michonne though Daryl doesn’t know it yet.

Still unknown are the locations of Carol, Tyreese and Beth. We’re also curious about what is going on at terminus. You know this can’t end well.

"The Walking Dead" airs on Sundays on AMC.

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