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‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X14 ‘The Grove’ spoilers, sneak peek

The next episode of “The Walking Dead’ titled “The Grove” airs Sunday, March 16. According to the synopsis shared by Wetpaint on March 9, it looks the group may be reunited or at least some of it Here’s the official synopsis for next Sunday, The synopsis says:

‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X14 ‘The Grove’ spoilers, sneak peek
Photos by AMC Promotional

“After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be.”

A second synopsis released on a fan cable site adds a bit more:

"The survivors begin to establish new lives for themselves in an ideal shelter that could provide them with everything they need in an apocalyptic world but the fate of humanity is questioned as the survivors assess their own futures."

Does this mean some or all of the survivors make it to Terminus in episode 4X14? Is that the ‘ideal shelter’ or will there be another place that offers what they are looking for?

Tyreese, Carol and the kids haven’t been seen for a while so it is heartening to see them featured in the sneak peek clip. In the clip, Tyreese holds Judith while playing I Spy with Lizzie. After her turn, Tyreese looks around and sees someone approaching on the tracks. The person moves like a walker but can’t be seen clearly. Tyreese hands Judith to Lizzie and slowly approaches, hammer drawn.

In the promo, Tyreese is heard in the voice over saying “we do what we do and there’s no getting out of that…not until we’re dead.” Short clips of the group travelling down the tracks are seen. Then a shot of the young girls running scared down the tracks and another of Carol crying follow. One of the girls falls and walkers are close at hand. The child’s voice can be heard screaming, “No, Carol!” a clip of Carol walking calmly is shown as if she’s walking away. Teasers and promos are put together to give a false impression of what might be happening but one thing is for sure. This episode will focus heavily on Tyreese, Carol and the kids.

"The Walking Dead" will air season 4, episode 14 “The Grove” on Sunday, March 16 on AMC.

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