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‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X14 recap; 2 shocking deaths in ‘The Grove’

‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X14 recap; 2 shocking deaths in ‘The Grove’
‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X14 recap; 2 shocking deaths in ‘The Grove’
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If you missed the Sunday March 16 airing of “The Grove” on “The Walking Dead” read on for a full recap of events including 2 shocking deaths. This recap contains episode 4X14 spoilers based on the show and as first reported by Hypable on March 16.

“The Grove” focused entirely on Carol, Tyreese and the kids. It opened with Carol and Lizzie pulling watch duty and chatting about what ‘Terminus’ might be like. Lizzie wants to know if there will be other kids there and Carol opens up about her own daughter whom she says she misses every day. Lizzie wants to know if Carol would miss her. “I won’t have to miss you,” Carol answers.

Tyreese and Carol talk about Lizzie’s inability to recognize what threat the walkers are. As they follow the train tracks, Tyreese sees a zombie approaching. As he gets ready to put it down, Lizzie asks him not to. Since the walker is now trapped in a hole, it can’t hurt anyone, she reasons. Carol is trying to convince Mika to toughen up and tells her someday she will have to kill another person, not just walkers. Mika disagrees and says she just can’t. She’s not messed up like Lizzie but she can’t kill a person.

The group finds a safe house in a beautiful grove. Off in the distance, they see a fire. The adults clear the house but clears are threatened by a walker outside. Lizzie struggles to accept the walker’s death and later Carol finds her playing with one. Carol kills it to protect Lizzie.

Tyreese thinks they could stay in this house for a while and discusses it with Carol when zombies, driven out by the fire, attack. The girls help kill them this time. Carol and Tyreese discuss staying at the house a bit more and Tyreese suggests they might not be ready to be around other people just yet anyway.

Then Tyreese talks about how much he misses Karen. It looks as if Carol might confess but she says nothing. When they get back to the house, they discover that Lizzie has killed Mika!

When they walk back to the house after hunting, they see Lizzie holding a bloody knife. She has shockingly killed Mika and admits she was going to kill Judith too. "I need you to see. You'll finally get it," she explains. Carol talks Lizzie into putting the gun down and Tyreese takes Lizzie and Judith into the house so Carol can do what’s necessary to keep Mika from turning.

Back in the house, Tyreese informs Carol that it was Lizzie who was feeding the walkers. He thinks she may have been the one to kill Karen and David but he doesn’t believe she could have dragged the bodies. Carol says Lizzie would have just let them turn.

Carol takes Lizzie for a walk to pick flowers for Mika. Lizzie senses something is up but does as she’s told. Carol tells her to look at the flowers, just look at the flowers. While Lizzie does, Carol draws her gun and fires a single shot as Tyreese watches from the window.

They bury the 2 girls and later that night put a puzzle together. Carol finally confesses to Tyreese that it was she who killed Karen David. “I had to stop the outbreak,” she tells him as she pushes a gun towards him. All he wants to know is if the kill was quick. Then he forgives her.

“You’re never going to forget it happened. You did it, it’s a part of you now. But I forgive you,” he says to her.

They decide to leave the house and continue on to Terminus.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.

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