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‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X13 ‘Alone' spoilers: A new group and a kidnapping

‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X13 ‘Alone' spoilers: A new group and a kidnapping
‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4X13 ‘Alone' spoilers: A new group and a kidnapping
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We’ve been getting peeks at different groups in each episode of “The Walking Dead” since season 4 resumed and when “Alone” airs this week, we’ll get a few surprises, one in the form of a new group. According to a March 8 post International Business Times, there will also be a kidnapping. There are episode 4X13 spoilers ahead so stop here if you don’t want to know!

Maggie, Bob and Sasha

Maggie, Sasha and Bob have to deal with walkers in a dense fog as can be seen in one of several sneak peeks released earlier this week. Sasha warns they only have 6 bullets left and in the video, she can be heard screaming Bob’s name. It seems like Bob gets bitten.

Maggie overhears Sasha tell Bob that she believes Glenn is dead. This prompts Maggie to leave the group. Using walker blood, she writes messages for Glenn about Terminus. Bob and Sasha try to convince her to come back. Bob offers to help find Glenn but Sasha wants to find a safe home first. Sasha later reveals she also believes Tyreese is dead. Bob and Sasha end up going their separate ways. Eventually all three meet up again and continue to follow the train tracks, in search of Glenn.

Daryl and Beth

We will pick up with Daryl and Beth’s journey. They are in a cemetery and decide to check out the funeral parlor. Beth injures her ankle while trying to track a walker and Daryl has to carry her through the graveyard. They come across a grave with an inscription that says “loving father” and they stop to pay their respects, holding hands. Inside the funeral parlor, they find food. It seems they are the group mentioned in the episode synopsis as finding shelter.

The place is clean and stocked because someone has been taking care of it…and embalming bodies. Beth and Daryl decide to stay and find out whose living there. A dog scratches at the door and Daryl goes to investigate. When he opens it, he is greeted by a group of walkers threatening to overrun the place. He tries to fend them off. Beth is kidnapped by someone who puts in her a black car and drives away before Daryl can stop them.

Daryl, now on his own, meets a new group. He has his differences with them but agrees to join them. Joe is accepting of this but Len is not.

Glenn finds the "Terminus" sign that the others have seen. It shouldn’t be much longer before Maggie and Glenn are reunited!

"The Walking Dead" will air season 4, episode 13 “Alone” on Sunday, March 9 on AMC.

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