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'The Walking Dead': Daryl Dixon could be gay

Is Daryl Dixon gay?
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty

The Walking Dead” creator, Robert Kirkman, may throw wrench into the workings of his hit television show, which airs on AMC. It turns out that Daryl Dixon could be gay. According to a Thursday, August 14 report by CinemaBlend, Robert Kirkman admitted that is possible that the resident heartthrob, Daryl Dixon, could prefer men to women.

Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus, has yet to have any sort of a romance on “The Walking Dead.” Many fans have been hoping for a wildfire to start from the spark they sensed from Daryl and Carol, but that has yet to happen. Other fans were wondering if Beth would become his love interest. It is possible that Carol and Beth are not Daryl's type.

As usual, Robert Kirkman was quite cryptic when talking about “The Walking Dead.” He never answered the question about Daryl's sexuality directly, but did admit that the idea of Daryl being gay had been “discussed.” Kirkman went on to say that they had “specific ideas about Daryl's sexuality.”

“I would be heartbroken if Daryl is gay,” Margie Hayes, a fan of “The Walking Dead” from Oklahoma City, said. “I really want to see him and Carol get together. They would make a great couple.”

Norman Reedus joked about the love life of his character at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. During a roundtable interview, the actor stated he was “hoping for a threesome” with Carol and Beth.

“That would be an interesting plot twist,” Casey Singer, another fan of “The Walking Dead” from Oklahoma City, said. “If he is gay, the show would have to have find him a man. I would love to see the man they pick out for him.”

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will have to wait and see if Daryl Dixon is gay. New episodes will start airing in October. Although it is unknown if Daryl Dixon's sexuality will be revealed in the new season, it is possible that it will be.

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