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'The Walking Dead': Danai Gurira talks about Michonne's mental state

Danai Gurira plays Michonne on "The Walking Dead" and not only is she a favorite character on the series, but she is also very private and guarded. Last season, the character began to open up, she had established a bond with Carl and even spent some time smiling and laughing. So what does season 5 have in store for Michonne? On April 16, WetPaint reported on what Danai Gurira had to say about her character and mental state.

Danai Gurira talks about Michonne's mental state and her katana on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Last season on "The Walking Dead," fans learned that she had a boyfriend and a young son that were both killed after the zombie outbreak. She confided in Carl about what happened, which is what many viewers speculated. As viewers remember, she had an emotional reaction when she held baby Judith in the first half of the season.

Danai spoke about Michonne's past and the actress said that even though it was difficult for her character, it was important. She never grieved, but now that she has opened up and told someone, she can begin the healing process. So how does this relate to season 5? Gurira told SciFiNow,

“I feel like she’s been able to face the past that we never knew about and start to heal from it, which she hadn’t really done yet. Moving forward, she definitely has more of a capacity to connect with everyone around her.”

The actress also spoke about Michonne's mental state and her katana. As fans know, her weapon is always by her side. However, on the season finale of "The Walking Dead," she had to surrender it when she was forced into the boxcar at Terminus with Rick, Daryl and Carl. She admitted that the katana is a part of Michonne, that she found her post-apocalyptic identity through the sword. She also said,

"The psychology is fascinating to explore and the more I train with it, the more I understand how it works for her in a mental sense.”

The Walking Dead Forums posted a deleted scene photo that shows Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne in a room with walkers restrained with chains. Even though they are restrained, they have enough room to lunge forward. The characters are in a position as if they are ready to battle them. Michonne does not have her katana in this photograph, but instead is holding some other type of makeshift weapon.

Will Michonne get her katana back on "The Walking Dead" season 5 or will she have to find another weapon? Will the group get out of Terminus? A recent cast update revealed that a new character named Burton will be appearing on season 5. Could he help Rick and Team Prison get out of the situation they are in?

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