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'The Walking Dead' Danai Gurira talks Michonne's flashback dream

Danai Gurira talks about Michonne's flashback dream from last night's episode of "The Walking Dead."
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HBO

On Feb. 9 Inside TV shares an interview with Danai Gurira that talks about Michonne's flashback dream and what it possibly means. Many fans were glad to finally see some back story on Michonne and what her life was like before she became a katana wielding zombie killer, however, many weren't expecting to see it play out as it did.

Gurira says that she looked up the dream interpretation and when you have these types of dreams it's your subconscious forcing you to metabolize feelings that you're suppressing while awake. It's a survival mechanism that your subconscious has to keep itself alive when things are hard. Her subconscious is forcing her to deal with her pain and her loss and she loved that they did the flashback in a dream.

Danai says that her and the costume design team had a lot of fun deciding what she would wear and how she would look pre-apocalypse. They labored over nail color, what she would wear, and how she would do her hair and the whole idea came to play in her own hip vibe that didn't really show anything of the middle-class educated background that her character came from. She feels that it was the perfect fit for her.

When asked about the ending sequence when she annihilated all the zombies she was walking with, she says that it was Michonne fighting for her soul. When you live in a state of dystopia and death, you do what you do because you don't stop caring. That was her way of showing that she still cared, and she wasn't giving up. She was going to fight for the Carls, Ricks, and Daryls that were still left in the world because that was the type of person that she is. That is also the response to her question while cowering in the corner. "I know why," the answer is because you care.

What do you think of Danai Gurira's interpretation of the flashback dream? Do you agree with her?

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