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'The Walking Dead' could be a sequel to 'Breaking Bad'

Did Daryl's brother, Merle, help bring about the walker virus?
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

The theories about “The Walking Dead” and how the zombie apocalypse started appear to have no end. The lasted theory is now linking “The Walking Dead” to “Breaking Bad.” According to an April 1 report by the Huffington Post, Walt White may hold the key to what brought about the apocalypse on “The Walking Dead.”

This theory was created by Donna Dickens. According to her, Blue Sky Methamphetamine, a Dodge Challenger and, maybe, Jesse Pinkman are in both shows.

This could mean that Walt White's Methamphetamine caused the walkers. It has been known for decades that drugs are bad and cause all sorts of health problems. Perhaps the Blue Sky Methamphetamine brought about the walkers that terrorize and eat those on “The Walking Dead.”

The alleged proof that “The Walking Dead” is the sequel to “Breaking Bad” started back in the first season. The car Glenn stole was the same Dodge Charger used in “Breaking Bad.” Glenn also appeared in “Breaking Bad” during the fourth season.

There is more proof from the second season. “The Walking Dead” fans will remember when Daryl went into Merle's “stash” of drugs to help T-Dog, Blue Sky could clearly be seen. Daryl admitted that Merle had been a drug dealer before the walkers took over the world.

The most recent proof was during the last season. Daryl tells Beth about Merle's supplier. He described the dealer as a “janky little white guy.” He goes on to say that the dealer pulls a gun on him and says, “I'm gonna kill you, b****.” That sounds a lot like Jesse Pinkman.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” are left wondering how the walker virus spread world-wide. Like other epidemics, it could have spread through world travel. However, Walt White took his operation international when he begin distributing Blue Sky to Europe.

Obviously, this is all speculation. Despite that, with a little imagination, fans of both “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” can see how it is possible. Perhaps this theory will be proven in the next season. Fans have a long wait; “The Walking Dead” will have to wait until next fall to see if this is true.

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