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'The Walking Dead' coming to PS4, says GameStop

An enhanced version of The Walking Dead is coming to the PS4.
An enhanced version of The Walking Dead is coming to the PS4.
Photo courtesy of Telltale Games, used with permission

The first season of Telltale Games' zombie episodic series, "The Walking Dead," is coming to the PlayStation 4, revealed Tuesday.

According to a retail listing from GameStop, a remastered version of the award-winning adventure game will arrive on the PS4 June 17th. The new "Walking Dead" release will also include the "400 Days" expansion; the DLC used to bridge the gap between the first and second season of the game. Telltale Games have made no announcements on "The Walking Dead" series appearing on next-gen consoles, but the listing by GameStop appears legit with its cover art and $29.99 price tag.

The first episode of "The Walking Dead: Season Two," will launch for the PlayStation Vita later this week. If the GameStop listing remains true, then the possibility of season two arriving for PS4 is extremely good. One would imagine season two shipping on PS4, when it has been released in its entirety on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

"The Walking Dead" won't be the only past-gen game receiving new life on the PS4. It will join the ranks of "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition," "Rayman Legends, "The Last of Us Remastered," and supposedly, "Beyond: Two Souls."

Originally released in 2012, "The Walking Dead: Season One" follows Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who takes responsibility in helping eight-year-old Clementine find her parents, who were separated from her before the zombie apocalypse. In season two, players assume the role of Clementine, as she continues to survive after the events of the previous game. Both seasons have you leading or working together with a group of survivors; making decisions that will ultimately change your fate and theirs for good or bad. Telltale Games' video game adaption of the Image comic book series has won over 90 "Game of the Year" awards from outlets like USA Today and the Spike Video Game Awards.