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'The Walking Dead': Come right on in!

Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" marks the last episode before the season finale. Audiences watched as Glenn raced to Terminus with a desperate sense of urgency and applauded his passionate pursuit of his love, Maggie. After seeing Maggie's sign "GLENN GO TO TERMINUS" Glenn becomes motivated to risk everything to get to her.

Reunited, now what?

Reunited and it feels so good.

After trekking through strife and darkness with the guilt stricken girl who let the governor kill Herschel, Glenn seeks his brave lady. Maggie and Glenn are reunited just as all hope seemed to fade. They then head out along with their crew to reach the sanctuary they have been looking for since the start of the season.

Carl, Rick and Michonne.

The trio are briefly seen walking on the railroad tracks in playful banter and bliss in comparison to their luck over the part few days. Michonne and Carl are seen bonding while Rick is undoubtedly smiling at the sight of his son's happiness. Of course they will make it to Terminus as well for a much needed reunion, but what is the catch?/

Darryl and the gang: "Survival of the fittest."

Leader "Joe" seems to be some sort of "pack master" of the gang of wolves who have codes and rules that Darryl does not want to abide by. No doubt that Darryl will leave this pushy group of outcasts as he has already realized, thanks to Beth, that he does not have to be on his own. After explaining to Beth a couple episodes ago that his follower days were over he is refusing to fit in with the crew and that is something Joe will not tolerate. Darryl is better off alone and will also probably reach Terminus but at what cost?

Terminus/Sanctuary: "We'll make you a plate."

For one local comic book reader named Wallace, he recalls that it is a known fact that Terminus is not at all what it seems to be, "yet it may be better than being out on the road alone." With everyone locating the supposed sanctuary, "The Walking Dead" fans probably realize that this is too good to be true. Upon arriving at Terminus, which by the way has seemingly no security or zombie entrance prevention besides an easily opened gate, Glenn and friends encounter an older woman who welcomes them with open arms, food on the grill and offering to make them a plate! Literally? Who knows. Find out next Sunday in the season finale of "The Walking Dead."

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