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'The Walking Dead': Clues about Gareth and Terminus

Andrew J. West plays Gareth on "The Walking Dead"
Andrew J. West plays Gareth on "The Walking Dead"
Movieline/YouTube (Screen Capture)

On March 30, AMC aired the season 4 finale of "The Walking Dead" and fans not only met Gareth, but saw the inside of Terminus for the first time. Even though some questions about the sanctuary were answered, the ending left with a lot of fans wondering. There were some things and statements that were made, however, that may reveal clues about Terminus and Gareth.

Warning: If you have not seen "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16, titled "A," then stop reading.

Fans met Gareth and saw the inside of Terminus for the first time. Even though viewers still have a lot of questions, there were some things seen and statements made that may provide clues on what is to come on "The Walking Dead" season 5 when it airs later this year.

Gareth didn't create Terminus?

When Rick and the gang walked in on Gareth's team, they started to have a conversation, although Rick looked suspicious of them from the start. Gareth mentioned that he understood that they were nervous because they felt the same way. He then said,

"We came here for sanctuary."

That seems to imply that Gareth and the people who were working on the signs and maps did not actually create Terminus, but perhaps arrived there just like Rick and the group did. But it does seem as if Gareth is in charge. Either he met something else by his statement or perhaps the sanctuary began as a safe haven, but Gareth and some others took it over to make it cannibal headquarters? Another theory is that they might try to recruit a few survivors. Perhaps Gareth was someone that was recruited and they might give that option to someone in Rick's group. Maybe that is why he seemed to single Carl out when he directed them to go into the boxcar at the end?

Is Beth at Terminus?

One thing that Rick noticed is that Gareth's group were wearing and using some of the prison members belongings. Glenn's armor from the prison, the orange backpack, Maggie's poncho and the pocket watch were all being used by someone else. Some viewers said that Mary was wearing Beth's sweater which brings up the question of if she is also at Terminus. If so, then where is she? In another container or is she roaming around somewhere? Beth was kidnapped, but it is unknown by who and for what reason.

Labels instead of names

When Gareth ordered Rick and his group to line up at the boxcar, he wanted it done in a specific order and gave them labels instead of using their names. Rick "the ringleader" was to be first, then Daryl "the Archer" and Michonne "the Samurai" followed. Then there was a long pause when it came to Carl. It was almost as if Gareth had other plans for him, but after Rick insisted that his son be with him, he went ahead and told him to follow the others, calling him simply "kid." Were the labels for a specific reason or did he just forget their names? And why did they need to line up in a specific order instead of just all going to the boxcar? Was there a reason why he hesitated for a long time with Carl? Perhaps children he has other plans for?

Why fill containers with people?

At Terminus there were huge metal containers filled with people who were banging on screaming for help. One might think that cannibals would capture people, then eat them, but in a zombie apocalypse human beings can be on short supply, so perhaps they are stockpiling or creating an inventory to ensure they will have enough to eat for a long time. wrote that in the graphic novels, the Hunters would eat their victims slowly, putting tourniquets on their wounds, which allowed them to last longer. There are no working refrigerators or freezers on "The Walking Dead," so it's not like they can preserve and freeze them like hamburger meat. It was also noted that keeping them alive for an extended period of time prevented the bodies from turning into walkers before all of the meat was off the bone.

Powdered milk

In the scene where Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl were put into the boxcar, there were flattened packages of powdered milk on the ground. One fan commented that Gareth was fattening up his victims, just like they do with cows and other livestock. Another viewer thought that the powdered milk might have been for baby Judith and she, along with Carol and Tyreese could be at Terminus, stuffed in one of the containers. Unfortunately those three were not seen on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale, but hopefully they have not made it to Terminus and are safe out on the road.

Did you notice anything on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale that gives clues about what to expect from Gareth and Terminus?

"The Walking Dead" season 5 will air in October 2014.

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