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'The Walking Dead': Christian Serratos talks about Rosita

Christian Serratos plays Rosita on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Jason Merritt

Viewers met Christian Serratos on the second half of "The Walking Dead" season 4. The actress plays the role of Rosita, one of the members of Abraham's group. On April 15, AMC posted an interview with Serratos and she answered questions about her character and the show.

Christian prepared for her role by researching "The Walking Dead" and learned about the comic books. She wanted to find out what fans liked about Rosita and what they might want to see from her on the show. However, she was so focused on her character that she didn't prepare physically. While filming, she had to start working out because even though she was thin, she had no muscle. Even though she wasn't prepared physically, Serratos didn't complain about about getting fit. It turns out that having to be physical on the show is one of her favorite parts.

Christian talks about her character, Rosita, and said that they are both very headstrong. One thing that she mentioned about her character is that she is very brave. As for similarities between the actress and the comic book character, she said that the two resemble each other.

Some people wonder why people like "The Walking Dead" so much. Christian said what many fans have been explaining for a long time, that the show is not just about zombies. That it is about people, survival and their mental states during the apocalypse. She said that this type of acting is a lot more personal to her.

On the show, Rosita handles a gun, something that the actress was inexperienced at. She thought they were going to train her on how to shoot, but something else happened. They just handed her a firearm, told her what she was going to do and how it was going to be done.

What do you think of Christian Serratos playing Rosita on "The Walking Dead?" Are you looking forward to see what will happen with her character when season 5 airs later this year?

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