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‘The Walking Dead’ Carol putting down crazed kid offers shocker in ‘The Grove’

'The Walking Dead' had Carol doing the unthinkable in 'The Grove' this week.
The Walking Dead AMC

The Walking Dead” episode Sunday night, “The Grove” put Carol’s survival skills to the test. She pulled the courage from somewhere to kill Lizzie while telling her to look at some wild flowers growing in a meadow. Lizzie, who has had an infatuation with walkers, decided to turn her sister into a walker and baby Judith was next on her list if Carol and Tyreese didn’t happen upon this scene.

According to the A.V. Club on March 16, this scene was way over the top, calling it “ludicrously morbid, too absurdly grim to take seriously.” Lizzie had stabbed her sister to death and was waiting for her to come back to life. She was getting ready to do the same to the baby without a flicker of emotion surfacing. Just how much of danger this young kid presented was something that both Carol and Tyreese realized.

They knew right then and there that Lizzie could not be around people ever again. It would have been a matter of time before she killed Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith in their sleep. It would have just been a matter of time, no matter how intensely Carol worked with her on the danger of walkers that Lizzie would try to turn all of them into the creatures.

Lizzie’s mind has either snapped because of this new world she’s living in or she was born with the makings of a serial killer. The kid who played Lizzie should win an award for her more than convincing persona of a crazed adolescent embracing the ideas that crop up in that twisted mind.

Carol’s big reveal to Tyreese was another high point in Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” After shooting Lizzie, Carol tells Tyreese that she was the one who killed the woman he loved back at the prison. With a gun on the table within his reach, Carol tells him to do what he has to do. Tyreese’s moment was not without drama, like putting his hand on the gun, but he pulls back and tells Carol he forgives her.

“The Walking Dead” offered up something different with walkers on Sunday night, burning zombies. These charred zombies were still shuffling along while smoldering with plumes of smoke coming off their bodies when they came after Lizzie and her sister earlier in the show. This was before Lizzie took the knife and did her sister in. The char-broiled zombies were a bit more frightful looking than the traditional walkers because of their blackened and still burning skin.

“The Grove” offered a nice house and a bounty of pecans for nourishment. It was as close to perfect as you can get for a place to live in a world full of zombies. This was a place that Tyreese and Carol had decided to stay and raise the three girls, for a while anyway.

After they finished burying the two girls, Lizzie and Micah, they had to leave. Carol, Tyreese and Judith, like the rest of the survivors, are on the road again. They are in separate groups making their way to that camp that’s promoted all along the railroad tracks, a place where they’d be safe. None of the small groups of survivors know that the other groups are out there and hopefully they all find each other when they arrive at the camp.

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