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'The Walking Dead': Beth's return, angry Abraham and more is teased

Emily Kinney is getting ready for season 5 of The Walking Dead.
Emily Kinney is getting ready for season 5 of The Walking Dead.
Emily Kinney Instagram

Fans of "The Walking Dead" are counting down the days for the return of this AMC series, and there are new spoilers out now about what will happen next on the show. On April 14, Wetpaint Entertainment shared a new photo from Emily Kinney's Instagram. She stars as Beth Greene on the series, she revealed that she met with the writers of the series. The photo shows her standing in front of them. Beth was taken before the end of the season, and fans have wondered if she would be seen again.

The fate of Beth is not all that fans are wondering about on this series. Rick and his people were inside the train car when season four ended. The season five premiere will start with them set on revenge against the people of Terminus, according to E! Online. It is not revealed if that means they have escaped or time has passed between the end of season four and the start of season five. Those questions will be answered as the season gets closer more than likely.

As for Abraham, he will not be at all happy. He was headed to Washington DC with his people, and he decided to check out Terminus. He saw it as a possible place of recruitment. Now, he is stuck in train car with everyone else. Michael Cudlitz is the actor behind Abraham, and he did share a very telling tweet with his followers. He not only revealed the production start date for season five, but he gave his character's state of mind for when the series does pick things up.

Production will start back up in three weeks. That sets start of production for the beginning of May. That is line with previous seasons. As for Abraham, he will not be a 'happy camper' when the action picks back. He knows there is a possible cure. He just needs to get it. The Terminus situation is a problem that needs to be fixed.

What do you think? Are you ready for more zombie action on this AMC series? "The Walking Dead" will return with season five in October.