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'The Walking Dead': Beth's location revealed and how she will change in season 5

Beth Greene was kidnapped last season on "TWD" and fans wondered if she was dead or alive. An even bigger question was who took her, where is she being kept and why. On July 25, "The Walking Dead" season 5 trailer was unveiled at Comic-Con. It revealed where Beth was taken. There is also information on what to expect from Emily Kinney's character when the show returns to AMC in October.

Emily Kinney plays Beth on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the trailer, Beth seems to be in a hospital. A while ago, The Spoiling Dead Facebook page posted photos of the hospital and there were reports that Kinney was seen there. Just like "The Walking Dead" spoilers reported, Beth has an injury to her wrist and it is bandaged. The hospital seems to be home to another set of survivors, except these ones don't seem to be good people. A female police officer tells Beth that she is "part of the system" and she is wearing what appears to be either jail clothing or a hospital outfit, similar to the kind psychiatric patients wear.

So Beth was kidnapped and taken to this place, is told she is part of the system and it seems to be a place to either punish or "rehabilitate" her. The people that took Beth drove off in a car that had a cross on the rear window. It was speculated that Seth Gilliam would play Father Gabriel, which was confirmed at Comic-Con. A priest, a vehicle with crosses and survivors being kept at a hospital and being told they are part of the system.

It sounds like they are religious fanatics or have some sort of belief that Beth needs to be "saved" and are trying to "fix" her. In "The Walking Dead" season 5 trailer, Beth is seen holding down a woman who is strapped to a bed. Even though she is strapped down, the woman is jerking her head back. She is either in tremendous pain or having a seizure. Beth doesn't look like she volunteered to hold her down. Could they be doing some sort of experiments on them or perhaps they are using electroshock therapy?

The female police officer ends up slapping Beth across the face with a lot of force. At this point, Beth doesn't look fearful or emotional, but defiant. She is also seen running from the hospital. So how will this change her character?

Emily Kinney said that Beth will be much stronger in season 5. She has learned a lot from Team Prison and their experiences as well as Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) teaching her survival skills. She said of Beth,

"She's taking all those things she's learned and taking a different kind of strength into season five, and she's going to have to use everything she's got."

Even though some viewers see Beth as weak and too emotional, she was also a teenager, sheltered from the zombie outbreak before they left Hershel's farm. While Rick and the others have dealt with the walkers and vicious survivors for a while, Beth is still adjusting to the new world. She is growing up, maturing and learning how to survive.

She will come back a changed person. Look at how much Carol (Melissa McBride) has evolved since the first season. Characters don't stay the same and Beth's situation could be a lesson in how to stay alive. She will most likely survive her predicament and hopefully will reunite with the group. When she does, she will be stronger, tougher and probably a bit harder, too.

What do you think of Beth's situation in "The Walking Dead" season 5 trailer? Do you think she will survive and if so, will she reunite with Team Prison? How do you think the experience will change her?

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