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'The Walking Dead': Beth could have been kidnapped by Gabriel

Will Daryl save Beth from her kidnapper?
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Last week on “The Walking Dead,” Beth Green was kidnapped as Daryl Dixon fought of walkers at the funeral parlor. Fans have been wondering who took her. According to a March 14 report by Movie Pilot, it is possible that Beth was kidnapped by Father Gabriel Stokes, a character from “The Walking Dead” comics.

A priest, a man of faith, could have taken Beth? It is possible, but that would not be a good possibility. Gabriel, despite being priest, is not a good man. In the comics, Gabriel did deplorable things to other survivors.

The odds of Gabriel being Beth's kidnapper are looking good. In a previous “The Walking Dead” spoiler, it was revealed that cannibals invade a church where Rick and other members of the group took refuge. Perhaps that is Gabriel's church. That is the way it happened in the comics and the rest of this season is predicted to follow the comics rather closely. Fans of “The Walking Dead” who were paying attention when Beth was kidnapped would have a noticed a crucifix on the back of the black car. More clues that suggest Gabriel took her.

Fans who haven't read the comics want to know what Gabriel did to other survivors, seeing he is not good man. It appears that he kidnaps people and give them to the Hunters. Gabriel does this in exchange for protection.

Keep in mind, the Hunters are cannibals. It was previously reported that Bob Stokey loses his leg, a meal for the Hunters. Perhaps it is really Beth who loses her leg, seeing she has been kidnapped.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will have to watch to see what happens. The next episode airs on Sunday, March 16.

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