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‘The Walking Dead’ 5 main plot points of 4X11 ’Claimed’ with spoilers

Photo by AMC Promotional

AMC's “The Walking Dead” continued with its fractured storytelling ion episode 4X11 “Claimed” as it followed the lives of Rick, Carl and Michonne in one story arc and Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita the other. On Feb. 23, Comic Book recapped the show and we have the 5 main plot points you need to know. If you haven’t watched “Claimed,” be warned that spoilers are ahead.

‘The Walking Dead’ 5 main plot points of 4X11 ’Claimed’ with spoilers
Photos by AMC Promotional

Rick home alone

Michonne and Carl head out for supplies leaving an unarmed Rick home alone to recuperate. He falls asleep while reading in an upstairs bedroom and is wakened by the sounds of several men in the house. He dives under the bed with his book and bottled water. One of the intruders comes in and takes a nap, leaving Rick stranded until another man comes in and a fight over the bed breaks out. The first man is strangled and the new man claims the bed.

Once the man is asleep, Rick crawls out but has to find a new hiding place when the men downstairs call out for the sleeping man. They’ve discovered a woman has been staying in the house and after finding her clothing, make comments about waiting for her to return. Rick hides in a bathroom but discovers another intruder whom he strangles to death.

Rick climbs out on the window ledge & shimmies down a drainpipe. He hides next to the porch until he sees Carl and Michonne heading back to the house. A noise from the newly reanimated walker in the house draws the attention of the intruders and Rick is able to make a break for it and warn Carl and Michonne away.

Carl and Michonne

Carl and Michonne chat it up as they go in search of supplies and end up playing a variation of 20 questions with Michonne answering 1 question for Carl for every room of the house they clear. He learns, as we do, that she had a son, Andre, who was 3 years old. He died shortly after the outbreak.

As they split up to check out a house, Michonne finds a bedroom with the rotting corpses of 4 children and their mother. The kids lay 2 in a bed and appear to have been put down after turning into walkers. The mother sits in a nearby rocking chair, her brain matter splattered on the wall behind her as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Michonne leaves, closing the door behind and tells Carl there was only a dead dog in the room.

Glenn Takes Charge

After coming to in the back of Abraham’s truck, Glenn asks Tara if they passed the bus. She tells him everyone was dead. Glenn makes a ruckus until Abraham stops the bus. He tries to convince Glenn to leave the past behind them because Eugene has answers and maybe a cure and they have to get to Washington D.C. Glenn wants to go back to find Maggie and the two men end up brawling in the dirt until a band of walkers breaks up the party.


Eugene, who is passing himself off as the brains of the group, inadvertently shoots the truck and it’s leaking. Once the walkers are dispatched, Glenn heads off on foot down the road and Tara follows, then Rosita. Finally Eugene tells Abraham they should go too. It’s the wrong direction from where they want to go but Eugene says Glenn knows this way is clear and they go off after him.


Rick, Carl and Michonne find themselves on the train tracks, the same ones everyone else followed in the last episode. They come upon a train car with a sign that reads “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, survive.” Rick says let’s go and they head in the same direction that Tyreese, Carol, Baby Judith and the girls headed last week.

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