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'The Walking Dead' 4x15 preview and photos reveal new footage and more

Fans of "The Walking Dead" are wanting to know when the groups will be reunited. There are only two episodes remaining in the season, so a reunion is expected to happen on this week's episode, and a new preview shared for the episode on March 22 by Seriable teases that clearly. Spoiler TV also shared all of the photos for "The Walking Dead" episode 4x15 titled "Us."

Fans will see three groups on this week's episode. The preview shows all of the groups, and the voice over is from the latest arrival that met Daryl after Beth's disappearance. A huge fight is teased with this group.

Rick will be back, and fans will also see more of Glenn and his new friends. All three groups are on the train tracks headed toward Terminus, and no one is really safe. Robert Kirkman even revealed that fans could see Rick or Daryl die before the end of season four. The two men are the most popular characters on the show. The fact that Lizzie and Mika died on the last episode shows that no one can expect to live. Kids aren't even safe.

A sneak peek shared by The Walking Dead Facebook on Friday shows Abraham and Tara sitting watch while the others sleep. Tara tries to get Abraham to sleep, but he won't allow her to watch alone. The two have a conversation about the group's eventual separation and the reasons behind Tara staying with Glenn.

There is definitely more action coming to "The Walking Dead" on this week's episode. Fans will need to tune in on Sunday night to see if the groups will reunite before the big finale.

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