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'The Walking Dead' 4x14: Where was baby Judith at the end of 'The Grove'?

Chad Coleman plays Tyreese in "The Walking Dead"
Chad Coleman plays Tyreese in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

"The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 14 was a shocking one, especially with what happened with Lizzie. While Carol caught her in time before something happened to baby Judith, fans were wondering where the infant was at the end of the episode. On March 16, "The Talking Dead" confirmed the whereabouts of the baby.

Some fans noticed that Tyreese had some sort of carrier on his back. Inside it resembled a baby, although the shot of it wasn't close up. This caused some confusion with fans on whether baby Judith was dead or alive.

On "The Talking Dead," the subject of baby Judith was brought up and it was confirmed that the infant is alive and well. She was in the carrier that was on Tyreese's back.

If she had died, it would make sense why they wouldn't show her at all. The death of two children is hard enough for one episode, although one of them was a danger to survivors everywhere. But seeing the death of a baby would be too much for many viewers. Not only that, but fans are looking forward to Rick and Carl finding out that Judy is alive after all.

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