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'The Walking Dead' 4x14: What Lizzie wants revealed in 'The Grove'

Brighton Sharbino plays Lizzie on "The Walking Dead"
Brighton Sharbino plays Lizzie on "The Walking Dead"
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

Lizzie is a controversial character on "The Walking Dead." Although she is a child, her thoughts and actions do not represent ones of a stable human being. She has been called psychotic, a sociopath and many other things. So what exactly does Lizzie want? What is going through that head of hers? On March 14, Spoil the Dead and the Facebook page titled "Walking Dead Women" both posted some information about Lizzie on the upcoming episode, "The Grove."

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" 4x14 spoilers, then stop reading.

It is clear that Lizzie is mentally unstable to say it mildly, but one has to wonder what goes through her mind. What is it that Lizzie wants? Does she really think that walkers are just people? Is that why she named them back at the prison?

Fans that think that Lizzie should not be around the living are absolutely right and if the spoiler is accurate, her sister is in danger by just being around her. In addition to the sneak peek video that shows her "playing" with a walker, it was written that in "The Grove," Lizzie will be on the railroad tracks feeding a rat to a walker. She will mention to her sister that sometimes she thinks of allowing a walker to bite her so she can be just like them.

It seems that Lizzie doesn't view walkers like everyone else does. Instead of her fearing them and taking precautions to protect herself, she has a "walker fantasy" and that makes her even more dangerous. However, on those same tracks some walkers approach and the two girls do run away.

The next part of "The Walking Dead" spoiler that is sad and creepy is when Carol and Tyreese return from taking a walk. They find Lizzie holding a bloody knife with Mika behind her, laying lifeless on the ground. Judith is nearby on a blanket. Lizzie explains that she was just making her sister a walker and the baby was going to be next.

Tyreese and Carol will try to get the knife away from Lizzie, but she surprises them by pulling out a gun. She demands that they allow Mika to turn into a walker. Later, Tyreese reveals that it was Lizzie who was feeding the walkers mice at the prison and the two adults discuss what should be done about the girl. They decide that it isn't safe for her to be around people, which is what fans have been saying for a long time.

The next day Carol takes Lizzie outside to take care of the problem. Both she and Mika are buried beside the other dead children of the house in "The Grove."

Based on this information, it sounds like "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 14 will be one episode that viewers will not want to miss. What do you think of "The Grove" spoilers? Do you think this is accurate or do you have other ideas on what is to come?

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