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'The Walking Dead' 4x14 spoilers tease a major discovery and death

Will Tyreese make sure Carol pays for what she did to Karen?
Will Tyreese make sure Carol pays for what she did to Karen?
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images for AMC

"The Walking Dead" will air an all-new episode on Sunday night on AMC, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on "The Walking Dead" episode 4x14 titled "The Grove." On March 15, Spoiler TV shared a bunch of new spoilers for the episode. MTV News also shared new comments made by Chad Coleman about the episode. With the spoilers and comments combined, fans can expect Tyreese to find out something huge during the episode.

Carol and Tyreese will be back in action on this episode. The pair have not been seen on the series since they found each other. The spoilers tease that Tyreese will find a house that might be a perfect place to lay low and be safe for awhile. However, this is not the only discovery Tyreese will make. He said the following to MTV News:

Before this week's episode, Tyreese has no idea that Carol killed Karen. He trusts her totally.

Does this mean he will find out Carol's role in Karen's death this week? Yes, it does. This could mean big trouble for Carol though. Spoiler TV revealed in its spoilers that 'justice will be served for one character.' Someone else will make sure they see justice. With Tyreese discovering Carol's secret, this could very likely mean the end for Carol.

Spoiler TV also teased that others will see the fire that Daryl and Beth set. The site did not reveal who though. What do you think? Will Carol die on this week's episode? "The Walking Dead" will air "The Grove" on Sunday night on AMC.

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