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'The Walking Dead' 4x13: New sneak peek featuring Daryl and Beth

A new sneak peek of "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 13 was uploaded to YouTube on March 5. It was a capture from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in which Norman Reedus appeared. The clip shows Daryl and Beth and it looks like she is learning quite a bit and is taking the lead.

Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney star in "The Walking Dead"
The Walking Dead Videos/YouTube (Screen Capture)

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" 4x13 spoilers, then stop reading.

The episode is titled "Alone" and the clip shows Beth (Emily Kinney) and Daryl walking together through the woods. Beth is carrying the crossbow and seems quite happy. Perhaps all the survivors need a night of drinking to lift their moods. As they are walking, it is revealed that he is teaching her how to track because she said that she wanted to learn. They notice tracks on the ground below and Beth states that they probably belong to a walker. Looking at the footage, they tracks don't resemble actual footprints, they look more like feet dragging and shuffling.

Beth seems impressed with herself but there is on statement she makes that will probably send fans into a panic,

"Pretty soon I won't need you at all."

Viewers could read that as a sign that he might not live through season 4, but it could also just be a reminder that nobody is safe. A few days ago a source on Reddit wrote that in "Alone" the two are going to get separated. Perhaps that is what her statement is supposed to mean. If he teaches her enough, she will be able to survive on her own if she has to.

"The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 13 will air on March 9.

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